Breath-Taking Windowsills

“It’s the way the light struck me – just right.”  The light is the thing in this summer’s end.  With the long awaited solar eclipse visiting us a little more than a week ago, Nashville was graced among her sister cities with the experience of the full 100% blighting of the sun by the moon’s disk.  The eclipse reminds you of the power of light and your small role as its audience.  


So, it really is all about the light. Even those mundane everyday beams shooting in through your windowsill can be perplexing and breath-taking. It’s the way the light struck me that first August Saturday morning, just right…on my multitude of tomatoes. A cache of heritage varieties, in all these brilliant tomato shades; deep reds, playful oranges, meaty yellows, and streaked greens. Once again, it is good to be a Middle Tennessee homeowner this summer!

And they were encased in my beautiful windowsill of white; bathed and backlit with the warmest of morning sunshine. Subway tile and my apron (farmhouse sink if you are hipper than I) rounded out the scene. Everything dazzled, and I began to think of all the windowsills I have loved before.


I began to think of the house on Greenhill St. with the incredible bay-seating area where my sister and I watched storms roll in, or possibly a partial eclipse. I dunno, I was really young then! I swear all the sacred hues of 1980s sepia tones preserve the memory of that cushioned, customized build-in in my mind. The den was a converted garage, so it overlooked nothing but our blacktop driveway and was outlined with the carport and pine trees. But wow! What an impression it left!


See this same-style updated into a quaint breakfast nook in our new Berkshire build. Dayton has added in subtle touches to create a cozy eating experience. Look for it on the market in the next couple of months!     

And talk about cozy, check out this ‘garden window’ attached to my favorite 1920s bungalow in the downtown area. This home’s historical elegance evokes late summer and secret garden to me. The only thing that can outdo the embrace of the light are the warmth and wit of its owners, Donna and David Jones–who I am lucky enough to consider family and friends.

If you are unfamiliar, as I was with their technical name, do yourself a favor and look garden windows up. Their renaissance into home construction is long overdue. There are a host of modern, creative options at your design disposal these days. Garden windows pop out from the window casing creating a miniature greenhouse by extending the depth of the windowsill. Light spills in on three sides providing ideal growing conditions year-round. By inviting flora and greenery into the home, you set a scene as pleasing as any 18th century English hothouse. The shelving creates a convenient display space even if you are not using it for growing things. And the way the light hits those pieces, plants, whatever you chose to decorate with will maximize the play of shadows and rays promoting the most unlikely but lovely of focal pieces to the room—the unsung windowsill! Oh, I tell you, the light is the thing!   


 Stephanie Roach is our administrative director/writer/His Girl Friday for Hedgewood Builders.  She works her magic behind the scenes and makes sure every i is dotted and t is crossed.  Her love for home design, creative marketing, and knack for making things happen makes her an invaluable asset to the Hedgewood team


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