Swish and swirl, that was the sound. Swish and swirl. My absurdly big hoop skirt made just that sound and just that motion as I made my way around the Sutton Place cul-de-sac with my Snoopy canvas bag to beg sweets from my neighbors. It was the best Halloween I have ever spent. I was 7. I was the tooth fairy decked out in last summer’s flower girl dress from my Uncle Skip’s over-the-top wedding. I was laden with snickers bars. I was glorious.


Happy Halloween! I live for this spooky season. It is the kick-off to the triumvirate months of nostalgia, a time in the year to return to your youth. What is more inviting than the cool of Autumn’s arrival? Nothing but the promise of a benign, yet chill-down-the-spine thrill, the trick and the treat, the knowledge that at the end of the month you will find yourself soliciting for candy on a porch sometimes only familiar to you but this one time during the year.


I remember even now as I watch my sons scurry in a frenzied herd each October 31st. The anticipation of the doorbell. The footsteps muffled to the door. The trick or treat transaction. A final peak into the entryways of all manner of homes. Halloween may be a time for disguise, but it can be revealing too. For I believe that a person’s entryway can speak volumes about its inhabitants. From the imposing to playful; doorways impart your warmth and personality, and if you are lucky enough to have Dayton Brown designing, charm as well.  


Enjoys these visual treats with some pretty fun tricks Dayton has worked in:

The original doorway at Christa and Dayton’s first house. Note the swirling of the glass around the faceted diamond. I think of crown glass you find adorning most entry doors in the old shires of England. My dad, an extremely amateur glass-blower, once called it wimple dimple glass. I liked the name as much as I enjoyed the effect a well-paned doorway might.

 How about this custom door Dayton wrought and stained on his own! The heft of the wood and the strong lines cannot help draw the eye. The stain and weathering add on age and authority, which the door will require to greet guests, admirers, and even the mail on this turn of the century home.    

And the latest custom addition. Though she will not grace a historical house, it will feel as if it were lifted straight off an old cottage home. Here is Christa in the shop trying her hand at some serious woodwork.

She’s now about ready to install.


This walkway, touched up with Halloween notion, deserves a nod as an attractive nook for friends and feasting and an unsung and often overlooked element home element.  Floating shelves are the way to go!


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