The Hedgewood Story

It’s with a grateful heart we welcome you to Hedgewood Builders. Dayton and I have both run separate businesses at one time or another, but Hedgewood Builders has become a joint effort. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the friends and family whose support and encouragement has allowed us to take the leap and dive into this amazing adventure!

Just like many people you may meet in Tennessee, Dayton and I moved to Music City in order to pursue a career in the music industry.   It wasn’t until after we’d purchased our first home that Dayton began to flex his creative muscles and transfer some of his artist abilities, and good old Kansas farm-boy training, to another field: home design.

For the nine years we lived in our home, Dayton used it as his playground.  Wall to wall carpet was torn out and real barn wood was laid by our own hands.  Hours and hours of labor went into those floors, and goodness were they beautiful!  He opened up our staircase, upgraded the kitchen, the bathrooms, and transformed the unfinished upstairs to a movie lover’s haven.  Project after project sharpened Dayton’s designing and building skills, giving him the confidence to take on the toughest project.

At this time he also began studying and building fine furniture; especially Danish Modern style.  The work of Sam Maloof was a lightning rod of inspiration and creativity.  Soon the love for sensual, sleek furniture began to fill our home. High chairs, rocking chairs, tables, beds, vanities, just about every piece of furniture we had was built by Dayton.  We were lucky enough to make a special trip to California to visit Mr. Maloof and his astonishing home.

After our first two kiddos were born, we made the decision to sell our home and find something that would allow me to stay home with the kids.  Meanwhile, Dayton bought a fixer upper and completely renovated it to sell.  He couldn’t get enough of building and creating!   In 2010, 3 weeks before our third child was born, we moved into the most perfect house for us: a ninty-three year old log bungalow in downtown Murfreesboro.  At this time, Dayton was working more and more out in the shop building pieces for others and also beginning to do bigger projects.  I began writing about our homeschool and learning the ropes of social media marketing.  Soon, Dayton was so overwhelmed with the projects coming his way, he left his full-time office job to make furniture and home designing his full time career.  Over the years those projects have grown from home repairs, room remodels, additions, to custom homes.

Many people ask how we came up with the name Hedgewood.   The name takes us back to our Kansas roots.  Hedgewood is the local name for the Osage Orange Tree, which grows abundantly in SE Kansas. We both grew up playing around these trees.  They are known for their extreme durability, often used as fence post for livestock pasture. Hedgewood is also renowned worldwide as the premier material for solid wood hunting bows.  In fact, the Osage Orange bow was the preferred hunting weapon of the Comanche and other dominant Plains Indian tribes.  Dayton builds with Hedgewood quite often because of it’s hard, durable and beautiful qualities.  We like to think it describes our craftsmanship.  Beautiful, durable, and resilient.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by Hedgewood Builders!  We love showing you around and hope you’ll invite us to do a project for you soon.  Please feel free to reach out to our all-star team if you have any questions or comments.  We appreciate you all so very much.

Christa Brown: Lead Writer and Owner

As the co-owner and lead writer/marketer for Hedgewood Builders, I work alongside my husband, Dayton Brown (Mr. B.), by spinning his projects into stories for the Hedgewood blog.

Born and raised in Southeast Kansas, I made Tennessee my home in 2000.  I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education, and have always had a love of writing.  I may teach kids during the day, but at night I’m at the computer transferring a lesson or a home project into a story.  Once in awhile you may even find me filing in holes of a wood floor or helping paint a room for my beloved “Mr. B.”

In between helping with Hedgewood and homeschooling, I’m usually spending time on the porch reading, swinging, and listening to the kids play in the yard.

Dayton Brown: Owner and Contractor

Dayton Brown is the founder and co-owner of Hedgewood Builders.  He was born and raised in Southeast Kansas.  His love for country music lead him to settle in Tennessee.  He graduated with a degree in Recording Engineering from Middle Tennessee State University.

Bent as an entrepreneur, Dayton has held several titles over the years.  Real estate owner investor, furniture designer and contractor, Dayton enjoys trying out new ideas and connecting with new people.  Growing up in a rural area, Dayton has a great deal of experience working with his hands.  He has a heart for hard work and for finding creative solutions to problems.  Dayton manages the construction and design side of Hedgewood Builders.  You can often see the sparkle in his eye when describing a design feature and can hear him singing when he’s out in the shop.

Dayton loves playing with the kids and going on hiking trips with the family.  Working with Christa on Hedgewood Builders makes business much more fun as they can collaborate on ideas and projects together.




  1. I will enjoy following you but I am curious, are none of you singing? My daughter Angie used to sing with Tom at the Jubilee and we know your family. Wishing you the best in this endeavor.

    • Hi Rita! Yes, we remember Angie very well! The Jubilee was such a great part of lives. We are still singing at church and with the family when we do community theater. Please tell Angie we said hi!

  2. The Von Browns we would call you all when you were singing a quintuplet together:) Just like the Von Trapp Family in Austria! I love your writing and your story. So glad that Dayton has taken this leap—his work is so beautiful, from the custom furniture to his custom cabinetry (in our own home!), his work is amazing!

    • Thanks, Nancy! We do love entertaining as a family and I agree with you. Mr. B. is very amazing! I’m so happy to be able to help him out.

  3. So interesting,thanks for your story, looking forward to more.

  4. Just want to say,”I’m so proud of the fact that you have come so far in such a few years in your lives, that you do so much as a family in your theater talents, and as a couple in business together, as in Hedgewood Builders, not forgetting the reasons for moving to Tennessee in the beginning as singers and teaching school.” Oh, I also don’t forget all of the furniture “Dayton” has built, enough to furnish a home and to make his “clients” happy. Love forever!!!!!!!

    • Thank you! We are blessed to have so many wonderful influences in our lives!

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